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Getting started in Photography

So, when I started Hannah Rose Photography, I didn’t have a clue how to run a ‘Business’, and unless you have done a business degree or marketing course or account management scheme, you probably haven’t got a clue about anything. Just like me!

I thought, at first that all I would need would be a website, a logo and business cards and then I would make money from clients and customers through word of mouth or sales. But, the first step was to tell my Mum, which was scary. I thought she would just say, ”Okkkkkkkkk….” Instead she said, your young, you’ve got one opportunity and you should never look back. My Mum also gave me the advice to ask The Princes Trust for help.My first thought, being honest, how could they help me, and secondly, why would they want to help yet another photographer, i’m not an entrepeneur and i’m not doing anything different. So, i enrolled on their Enterprise Scheme and went along in Leeds for 4 days. They taught us the basics of branding, costings, cash flows, marketing and more importantly, the negative aspects of running your own business. Mainly, i learnt to be interrogated, standing up in front of people you don’t know and questioning mentors who have been very successful would have been intimidating if I was still at school. However, i quickly realised that I wasn’t 16 anymore. I have way more confidence, more opinions and more creativity than I first thought. More importantly people listened to me and what I had to say. They also offered me invaluable advice and support. I learnt from young people, from all walks of life, who wanted to break out from the traditional 9-5 and work in a difficult industry of self-employment and competitors.

So if you are wanting to start your own business and you are willing to give up 4 days to see what they have to offer, I would recommend. I now have my website, for Hannah Rose Photography, I have my cash flows (in order most of the time), I have a brand but more so than this, I have support!

If you have just started your new business or you want to share your tips and hints then please get in touch.

I will be following this post with my top ten on what to do when your starting your own photography business.

I was invited to take pictures at the Leeds ‘Fabb Event’, held at Chilli White’s last Saturday. The event is organised by two Southern bloggers, Tor (thatspeachy.com) and Ray (whoisshe.com). Tor and Ray wanted to give Northern bloggers the same experience as their Southern audience. It was a chance for fashionistas and their blogs to interact with their competition (or what they like to call their friends, supporters and advisers.)

The Blogger’s and I were treated to goodie bags full of glorious products for the blogger’s to compare, contrast and market, and for me to just use. I was told once by a ‘scientist’ once that it doesn’t matter what facial cream you use, Nivea or Clarins, any moisturiser will do those ‘potential’ wrinkles a good work out. So, sometimes it’s nice to save a few pennies and try the cheaper option.

Then we were treated to some delicious cake from Rosie The Cake Maker, a talk from the Best British Bloggers, Ark Clothing, HealthPoint Ltd, CloudNine and Chiara’s fashion gave some of their clothes away in a raffle prize draw. It was great to meet new Bloggers and watch them all try a cocktail or two.

I had the privlidege of being one of the photographers for the charity ‘Bethany’s Smile’ last night. Their Fashion Show/Auction was held at Headingley Carnegie and it was all because of a little lady who decided to dress as Charlie Chaplin, Bethany Hare. By singing ‘Smile’ dressed as Chaplin, Bethany has become an inspirational superstar!

Not only has Bethany and her supporters managed to get support from Chaplin’s relatives to use Chaplin’s signature stance as their trademark, but they have a very famous patron too, Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom from ‘Harry Potter’). This is a Northern Charity that has been inspired by Bethany’s wish to build ‘Smile Cottage’, “a place where families can spend quality time and build happy memories, when they only have a little bit of time to spend together” for whatever reason.

Bethany hopes this build can be by the sea, so it becomes a tranquil, resting place for those families. Please feel free to donate and support this charity by clicking on their website: http://www.bethanyssmile.org/index.html.

Thank You x

Hannah Rose Photography

So, firstly, an introduction on what this blog will be about and who I am.

I like photography,good photos that is, ones that make me smile, ones thats make me think and ones that inspire me to be better.

I have decided to take a leap of faith and start my own company, frightening. So I will be posting tips on what I have experienced so far, what I have accomplished and what I have learnt. It won’t all be good. It will involve things that have gone wrong and things that now looking back, I can say i should have done better. So, I also want to help those that are thinking of going down the same path, maybe it’ll save them some time or maybe it will give them inspiration too. Or for people who ask, what are you up to? I can hopefully explain what goes on behind the scenes.

Oh yes, and me…..im a photography, or a would be photographer some may say. I love fashion photography but what I want to get into is wedding photography, so hopefully this will explain my journey into this industry (And eventually I will be writing and showing you photos of weddings that I have been a part of.)

Happy Reading!!!!!