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I always 'love' this tune but i hope you genuinely love each photograph

I had the privlidege of being one of the photographers for the charity ‘Bethany’s Smile’ last night. Their Fashion Show/Auction was held at Headingley Carnegie and it was all because of a little lady who decided to dress as Charlie Chaplin, Bethany Hare. By singing ‘Smile’ dressed as Chaplin, Bethany has become an inspirational superstar!

Not only has Bethany and her supporters managed to get support from Chaplin’s relatives to use Chaplin’s signature stance as their trademark, but they have a very famous patron too, Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom from ‘Harry Potter’). This is a Northern Charity that has been inspired by Bethany’s wish to build ‘Smile Cottage’, “a place where families can spend quality time and build happy memories, when they only have a little bit of time to spend together” for whatever reason.

Bethany hopes this build can be by the sea, so it becomes a tranquil, resting place for those families. Please feel free to donate and support this charity by clicking on their website: http://www.bethanyssmile.org/index.html.

Thank You x

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